Bloons Tower Defense 2 Review

Playing BTD 2

Bloons Tower Defense 2 Review

The premise pretty much remains the same. You still have a maze like path on the screen through which balloons will pass and you can build towers around these paths to shoot down these balloons and prevent them from getting through the path successfully.

The key difference between the first version and this one however, is the added level of difficulty, immediately catapulting this game into the realm of the great original Bloons games in terms of the challenge presented by it. For a start, the game has three difficulty levels to begin with, which arguably is a basic component of any tower defense game. Easy gives you 100 lives, Medium gives you 75 and Hard gives you 50 to get through 50 levels. Apart from that, the towers cost more as the difficulty level rises and the number of balloons per level increases too. This gives the game added "replayability", apart from removing the tedium that comes with playing a game at the same level of difficulty with the same strategy.

As for improvements within the game itself, the game has Lead balloons, which can only be destroyed through cannons. Wait, no. Cannons can only remove the lead exterior, and after that you still have to deal with multitudes of black, yellow, green, blue and red balloons that pop out quite impossibly from the lead balloons. This alone adds a few more notches to the toughness level of the game.

Bloons Tower Defense 2: Real Time Game Play

There are also 3 different types of towers, although most of the new additions aren't towers at all. Apart from the Dart, Ice, Bomb (Cannon), Tack and the awesome Super Monkey towers, you have Road Spikes, which can be placed on a path to pop up to 10 balloons for that level, Monkey Glue, which slows down up to 20 balloons per level and the Boomerang Tower which pops 2 balloons per throw while firing at a medium speed.

Despite the increased difficulty, it is possible to beat the game with a little practice. To start with, try to spam bomb towers and get three as quickly as possible. You don't need to upgrade them, or upgrade any towers at all. Make sure you place them at intersections so that they carry a greater threat. This will keep you going until those dark forces of Bloon world called black balloons appear. They are strong, fast, morph into faster yellows when popped, and are therefore deadly. To get through them, build tack towers within any loops and corners you have on the map. Again, don't bother upgrading them. Eventually though, the black balloons will overpower your tack defenses as well. That is when you bring out the road spikes. Place them wherever you see more than one black balloon. You can also use these spikes against any balloons that look like escaping. This strategy is effective and relatively simple despite sadly not having any place for the Super Monkey; you should make it through the game with more than half your lives intact.

Accounting for the fact that the above strategy relies on only 3 of 8 types of towers, the major plus point of this game is that you need to mix and match towers to get the best results. Unlike the first game, bomb towers (cannons now) aren't useless because you need them to pierce the lead balloons. Ice towers are still mostly useless no matter what strategy you use, but every tower can find its use at some point or other in the game, albeit small.

How it looks

The game has different colored backgrounds and paths for the different difficulty levels, but that's it. Kudos to the developers for this because as always it keeps you more focused on the gameplay and not drooling at the beauty of the mountain peak in the background, unlike some other games.

Worthy or not?

Do these improvements improve the game? Definitely. The first edition got everything it was basically crying out for, that is, being a greater challenge and more functionality for its towers, and again the game doesn't disappoint. The hard difficulty level could be tougher and the ice tower needs to be scrapped altogether if it can't do more, but apart from that most complaints seem to have been covered. Overall Bloons Tower Defense 2 is a decent defense game.