Crush the Castle 2 Review

A Gem of a Follow Up

Crush the Castle 2 Review

The Middle Ages were quite a brutal time period, with a feudal system and frequent, bloody battles being an almost guaranteed feature of life at the time. It didn’t matter so much if you were royalty, though. Being born with royal blood almost guaranteed you some form of security, or at very least a bit of land that you can stake a claim to. This security isn’t absolute, however, since many charismatic soldiers at the time could raise an army pretty much any time they wanted and attempt to overthrow the nearest castle in their locale. This is exactly the kind of reasoning behind the misadventures of Crush the Castle 2 which involves destroying a series of castles in order to kill each of the royal subjects within.  As far as launch games go, this is a pretty fantastic one, so it may be worth taking note.

Con Artists and Joey Betz are the developers responsible for Crush the Castle 2 as a whole, and their game focuses on the launching of projectiles with a trebuchet in order to destroy the castle-esque structures that aren’t too far in the distance. Click the mouse once to release the arm of the trebuchet and set the shot in motion whilst your second click triggers the release of the projectile that you are firing. Misleadingly, the aim isn’t to destroy every single component part of the ill-balanced castle but instead to cause the crushing and death of every royal-looking person in and around the structure (i.e. everyone). Different projectiles are awarded to you as you progress, and crushing everyone in the castle in equal to or less than the indicated number will see you rewarded with a gold medal for the level.

There is a substantial quantity of levels for you to play through, each accessed by working your way across the map of various lands. The different projectiles that you come into possession of at various stages throughout the game help to facilitate your progress for different kinds of structure. When you are presented with the vial of acid projectile, for example,  achieving victory in the castle that you must take down just so happens to require that you use this vial of acid to melt away a certain wall or wooden block. The castle structures get increasingly complex as you work your way through them, with the later ones requiring you to switch between projectiles, which include stone spheres, various bombs, fire grenades, and even a vortex-causing projectile that sucks everything towards it, destabilising the structures within range.

Because of Crush the Castle 2’s thematic similarity to games like Castle Clout 2 and other castle-based games out there, it can be easy to shrug this one off as just another castle game, but Crush the Castle 2 is highly distinguished from other castle games and is one of the best games you can possibly hope to play in the launch genre in general. The graphics are above average (though by no means impressive), the levels are challenging, and the gameplay is based on physics that simply work, making it stand out from all other launch games and encouraging thousands of fans across the world to hold a place for it in their top launch games lists.