Kingdom Rush Review

The Rush is On to Defend Your Kingdom!

kingdom rush

Anyone familiar with the ins and outs of the tower defense genre will be familiar with Kingdom Rush; for those that are unfamiliar to the game, it must be said that it is probably the perfect title to ease you in to the genre since it possess all of the tactics and features of the tower defense genre and is presented in an extremely original style with remarkable illustrations and a uniquely comical tone. Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game that contains elements of fantasy and is set in the medieval period. Its concept is extremely simple and the basics can be learned through a simple tutorial. After playing this game, you will have learned everything you need to know about the tower defense genre from a game that its one of the best in its field.

The gameplay of Kingdom Rush focuses on the defense of your kingdom in a variety of level settings by placing different types of towers with varying abilities and deadliness onto strategic points indicated on the terrain. You must attempt to quash the invasion, using these carefully placed towers to fire different kinds of projectiles and issue varying delays for the enemy. The level is completed once all waves of enemies have passed without you losing all of your lives. It really doesn’t take long to get hang of the gameplay, but when you do, you may find it very difficult to stop playing.

kingdom rush real time game play

One of the great features about the game is the variety of towers that you can build. Even though there are only 4 base tower types, you can upgrade each of these into two different kinds of sub-tower, each with their own statistics and special strengths. Archer towers, for example, can have their range extended and their amour-piercing capabilities increased. There are also special ‘heroes’ of which there are 9 in total, each with their own special powers; they can be deployed occasionally to roam around the level and cause massive amounts of damage.

The number of different types of enemy in the game also ensures that you are constantly required to change your strategy depending on your opponents. At the beginning of the game you are faced with simple foes such as orcs but eventually you go up against enemies of different capabilities with different strengths and weakness. For example, wolves are extremely fast but are very easy to kill, whereas ogres are very slow but have a large amount of health. Shamans are also highly resistant to attacks from your magic-type towers but are vulnerable to regular projectiles such as arrows; shamans can also heal themselves and other enemies as they go along.

Kingdom Rush is perhaps one of the most superior tower defense titles on the internet in general with is a commendable achievement by Iron Hide Studios. With an incredibly original cartoon-fantasy style and large provision for upgrading your towers and therefore your capabilities, it is difficult to become bored when playing the game since you will be constantly challenged whilst being consistently rewarded for your good performance. The game is an absolute must-play for anyone that enjoys a high-quality flash-based game.